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As a Maryland native, Charlie Jones graduated from Coppin State University and began his career in Law Enforcement and the United States Navy.

Charlie Jones


While in Public Service, Charlie witnessed firsthand the impact quality of affordable housing has on breaking cycles of despair, transient behavior, and disjointed family units.

When Charlie became a homeowner, he realized that homeownership was a powerful tool that allows families to not only build wealth but to improve their quality of life. Because of this revelation and by his experience while patrolling the streets as a police officer in S.E. Washington D.C., he was inspired to establish a Real Estate Development Company, later renamed ABLe Capital, after his three children.

As a real estate developer for more than fifteen years, Charlie has improved the quality of life of countless families in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. Wanting to help others, Charlie began mentoring other young real estate entrepreneurs by educating them on how to build and sustain wealth by utilizing real estate.

Charlie Jones holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Coppin State University and a Master of Science in Forensic Studies from Stevenson University.

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